SRQ in June: Recap

The month of June at Rostraver Library was full of space exploration with this year’s Summer Reading Quest Theme: A Universe of Stories. On Friday, June 14th, everyone gathered to kick off the summer of events. In addition to exploring the spaceship, coloring to space music, and checking out the summer prizes, each participant went home with a balloon alien.

What better way to blast off for SRQ than befriending some aliens?
Both human and dog take flight into the galaxy on the spaceship!

A week later on Friday, June 21st, kids were able to relax and watch a performance by Stage Right. The audience enjoyed the performance of “The True Story of How the Cow Jumped Over the Moon” and interacted with the cast.

“The True Story of How The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” 

The last Friday event for June took place on the 28th when Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling visited the library to explore the dangers of space junk and how it compares with the problems litter causes on Earth. To reinforce understanding, the kids made rockets and threw “space junk” at them to see if the rocket could be knocked down.

Making rockets out of cardboard tubes!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the attendees, the Summer Reading Quest has already been an energetic, celebratory time at the library. July will be the busiest month for SRQ programs with 9 unique programs for varying ages. Learn more about each event, check availability, and register by clicking here. Browse the events outside of the Summer Reading Quest happening in July here.