Tech Nights

On the fourth Monday of each month, we invite kids of all ages to explore technology and robotics. Our year-round tech nights provide a space for kids to exercise their imaginations while advancing their engineering, critical thinking, and STEM skills.

Through the Westmoreland Library Network, we have access to many technology kits. We choose one kit to feature each month, and a full rotation of the kits lasts over a year. This way, kids can expect a relatively fresh experience each session.

Over the past few years, we have also built up our own small collection of technology kits that permanently stay here at the library. These are available for in-house use at any time during our hours, so kids can explore materials in-depth without the time limit of tech nights.

One popular kit is video and animation.

Head towards the Makerspace (also known as the book sale room) to discover what can be created with our materials. The technology kits we have available at all times are:

  • Snap Circuits
  • Bee-Bots
  • Dash & Dot
  • Mazes
  • Simple Machines
  • LEGO

Our Makerspace blog post offers a closer look at all of the resources found in the Makerspace room. The tech kits we keep in this room give kids the option to continue their interest in technology outside of tech nights. This also means that tech night attendees have alternatives to explore if they are uninterested in the tech kit of that month.

Every session is supervised by a staff member who will be able to give an explanation of the technology and help with some questions (we are always learning).

Regardless of age and skill level, kids who participate in tech nights will be able to find something suited for them.

Registration is not required for this program. Please reach out to us with any questions (724-379-5511). We look forward to seeing you!




Check out our full 2020 tech kit schedule:

If you would like to see this level of programming continue, please make a donation to Rostraver Public Library. You can donate directly by clicking this link.

Thank you for your support.


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