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Spring Welcomes Changes at the Library

We are excited to share some upcoming changes with you! These updates are part of our steady and thoughtful return to regular operations. We don’t have all of the answers or specifics, but we continue to hold the safety of our staff and patrons to the highest standards. 

The stacks will open April 1st

The nonfiction, large print, adult fiction, audiobooks, young adult, DVDs, and graphic novels will be open for browsing starting in April.

Although the stacks are open, we ask that patrons practice proper mask wearing, social distancing, and handwashing. There will be designated areas to place items that patrons have pulled off the shelves yet no longer wish to check out. We will also make additional hand sanitizing stations available for easy access around the stacks. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these measures.

Once we can see and adjust how our updated protocols work in the grown-up sections, the children’s area will follow shortly after.

Normal operating hours will resume in May

Starting in May, we will return to our longer operating hours. Here’s a refresher on what those looked like prior to the pandemic:

Monday-Thursday: 10AM-7PM

Friday: 10AM-1PM

Saturday: 9AM-1PM

Please note that computer station and time limits will remain despite the extended hours


As we move forward with these changes, we are continuing to work on various types of programming. Throughout this time, we designed each program to be something that will excite, refresh, or inform our patrons. We sincerely thank you for participating along the way. 

In order to continue providing programming, we ask that you support our upcoming Spring Basket Raffle fundraiser. This virtual basket raffle will open April 5th! You can visit the raffle site and browse the baskets in advance.

Baskets are still being added, so make sure you stop back when the raffle is officially open April 5th-May 5. If you have any questions, please contact the library (724-379-5511).


Our curbside pickup service and other safety measures will remain. Thank you for connecting with us in new ways over this past year.