I Love My Library 724

“‘When in doubt, go to the library.’”

-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Library-goers know the instant tranquility and excitement of walking through the doors of a library. They go through the happy routine of greeting new books added to the collection, seeing classic favorites lined on the shelves, and learning about new events. We all know the comfort of returning home with a stack of books, movies, audiobooks, graphic novels, magazines, and other library resources to explore.

Every day, we talk with people who love Rostraver Library and all libraries. We understand what is like to believe in the purpose of libraries, and we love to share moments with patrons who show enthusiasm for the people, materials, and goals of libraries.

So, how can you express this excitement? There are many ways to support the library, and every effort allows the library to operate and serve the community. However, this month brings a creative and unique way to show how much you love your library.

Westmoreland County libraries will be celebrating I Love My Library 724 on Wednesday, July 24th. When you stop in the library on that day, there will be a photo op set up that will give you a chance to win a star named after you! Three winners will be chosen at random. To enter in the contest, you simply:

  1. Visit the library!
  2. Look at the bottom of your most recent check-out receipt. If you don’t have one saved, you can check something out to see your updated number. 
  3. Write your “Lifetime savings” number on a mini white board provided at the library. 
  4. Take your picture (or have someone take it) holding the white board and a (optional) hashtag sign. We will have a background prepared for the photo opportunity. 
  5. Post the picture on Facebook and tag the Westmoreland Library Network Facebook page.

After those steps, you will be entered in the drawing! 

Staff member Laura demonstrates with her library savings number.

The photo op will only last for one day on Wednesday, July 24th, so make sure to mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you and discovering how much you’ve saved using the library. After the contest is over, pay attention to your receipts and watch your savings grow. It’s just one more reason to be excited about visiting the library!

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