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15826051_960486437385028_2158784614331721407_nPlease be aware that when you receive a telephone call from the number 724-216-0345, it is from our automated phone librarian “Alice”.  Check to make sure you don’t have it blocked as an incoming number on your phone.  If material is not picked up within the 5-day allowance, it will be marked as “unclaimed” and sent back to its original location.  If you do not, or not sure if you have received a phone call from Alice; let us know and we will check to make sure your phone number is correct on your account.  Remember, you can also be notified by email if you prefer not to receive the phone call. 

Don’t forget to check our “Events” page for the latest programs and information going on here at the library!!  If you would like to receive a copy of our newsletter, just give us your email address and we will add you to the list!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rostraver Public Library is to provide collections of materials, programs, and services which will help to fulfill the informational, educational, and recreational needs and wants of the people of Rostraver Township.

Westmoreland Library Network

Rostraver Public Library is a member of Westmoreland Library Network. You can search the 24 libraries in the system.


The Rostraver Public Library accepts donations online here, through the Westmoreland Library Network. Please also consider Rostraver Public Library when you are preparing your will. For more information call Fran at the library at 724-379-5511, or speak to any Board Member. Thank you.